This exceptionally detailed, overtly characterful mammoth ivory master netsuke is something you’ll want to own.

Every facet of this mammoth ivory netsuke has been perfected by our master carver, making it a masterpiece and an awe-inspiring piece to behold. Just look at the details carved into the man and his son’s faces. Not only that but you can also recognize the amount of time and effort it takes to carve those tiny embellishments. Which add life to the garments and give this mammoth ivory master netsuke the character which makes it unique and attractive.

The Great Depth and Meaning of This Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

This ornate mammoth ivory master netsuke isn’t only a masterpiece because of the intricate details, but also because of the scene itself. This scene which has greater depth than you’ll first notice.  Take into account the decorative garments worn by the father and son. You can see they are preparing for a festival of sorts. It’s also a netsuke that shows the great bond between a father and son as the son assists his father with trying on the mask.

Yet, these elements when stitched together makes this mammoth ivory master netsuke a great netsuke to own and behold. A fantastic piece of craftsmanship, tradition and history.

An Impeccable Source of Mammoth Ivory

Also, this carving is created using mammoth ivory. Which is one of the most rare and precious ivory around. This makes this netsuke a valuable piece to collect. And because mammoth ivory is legal tender you will have no problem auctioning or reselling this piece.

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