Take a peek into the animal kingdom with this mammoth ivory master netsuke. A creation so astounding and abstract you’ll want to take a second look.

If you’re wondering what piece your netsuke collection is missing it’s this mammoth ivory masterpiece netsuke. This netsuke ticks all the boxes. It’s simplistic, a beautiful design and carving, an illuminating idea and a piece with great meaning. Both traditional and historic meaning.

Two Magnificent Creatures On Display In One Beautiful Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

In Japanese culture the Tiger is one of four sacred animals, a symbol of strength, courage and long life. In this mammoth ivory master netsuke the Tiger is prominently displayed.

And it’s clear that the tiger is above the crab, showing it’s dominance over the other creature. However, what you may fail to see is that the crab grasps the tigers tail in it’s claw. That display of courage and strength by the crab can show that these animals while one was previously above the other are equal in this netsuke.

But, any artistic soul can draw their own conclusions as to what the meaning of this mammoth ivory master netsuke is.

However, one thing is clear, the master carver has created something of absolute perfection. Using detail and intrigue to create something abstract and meaningful from legal mammoth ivory.

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