Can you improve your luck with these seven lucky gods? This mammoth ivory master netsuke is such a precise piece you won’t be able to take your attention away from it.

Wonder-filled Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

Certainly, this piece is something to behold. It tells both a story and is rich in meaning for those who look closely. But, most importantly it’s created with the same precision and care as all the mammoth netsuke in our masterpiece collection.

It takes a truly skillful carver to create something so precious and full of nuance and detail as is seen in this mammoth ivory master netsuke.

Firstly, the detail on each lucky god is tremendous, from the garments to the facial expression and even the posture.

Secondly, the manner in which they all connect to each other is magnificent. Rather than make them separate the master carver chooses to make them interconnect through posture or symbolism.

Lastly, this modern take on something so tradition is admirable. As it showcases the creativity and deep understanding of the master carver.

Own A Piece of Rare Legal Mammoth Ivory

The fact that this netsuke is created from legal mammoth ivory makes it even more precious. In fact, the only sources of mammoth ivory are Siberia and Alaska. Also, since these sources only have a finite amount of mammoth ivory this type of ivory is very rare.

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