A beautifully complex, and fascinating piece of art. This mammoth ivory master netsuke is the epitome of artistic expression. Also, it’s an uncommon execution of an ancient Japanese fascination – the mask.

A New Interpretation Of A Long Standing Fascination

The Pyramid of Masks is an abstract look at something very common, and it’s something the master carver portrays with the utmost accuracy and finesse in this piece. Taking into consideration the most straightforward definition of this artwork, the master carver is relaying a message that in order to survive and get to the top one must be able to put on many different faces.

However, there can be many different definitions of this piece – that’s what makes it extremely captivating. Another, very captivating element is the differences in each mask, giving the netsuke a subtly intriguing design.

Equally as admirable as the subtle differences are the facial expressions. The master carver manages to balance every frown with a smile. As well as every upside down face with a face that’s upright. In doing so, he allows the viewer (you) to appreciate every aspect of his artwork, and draw your own conclusions.

A Minimalist Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

Instead of creating an overly ornate mammoth ivory master netsuke, the master carver chooses a minimalist approach. Also, he focuses he attention on finely carving every feature of the masks, to portray a unified piece of art. Creating a story and mesmerizing the collector with his use of legal mammoth ivory.

Any discerning collector will purchase this charming mammoth ivory master netsuke.

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