A perfect juxtaposition on display in this mammoth ivory master netsuke. Which makes this piece a must-have for avid collectors.

Two Worlds Collide In This Perplexing Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

If you’re craving pure artistic interpretation, this perplexing netsuke is the find you’re looking for. Because a bull ready to charge, a flutist ready to play, these are two phrases that are unlikely to be in the same sentence. Except in the case of this beautiful mammoth ivory master netsuke. The master carver in the case of this particular netsuke chooses to display fragility and strength in one piece. However, instead of doing it in two separate scenes he does so in one. Something unlikely yet inspiring and intriguing as well.

Whether or not you pay close attention to this mammoth ivory master netsuke you the paradox is clearly apparent. What’s more is that the technique and skill you need to play a flute is known. And this flutist is obviously defying odds by riding a bull while playing their flute. However, to be able to do this one needs skill and precision as well as courage that is uncommon. Because if you delve into the meaning of this netsuke it’s clear that the artist is showing that the flutist is powerful and in control of even one dangerous beast.

Ornate Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

However, to perfect such a perplexing piece a carver needs to pay specific attention to every aspect of the design. That’s exactly what our master carver accomplishes. The carver is able to enhance the beauty of this 100% pure mammoth ivory piece by magnificently carving every detail, from the bull’s face to the riders/flutist’s attire. This makes this piece the epitome of perfection.

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