Have you ever seen a mammoth ivory master netsuke quite like this one? It’s unlikely. This piece is as distinctive as it is beguiling. And is not something you’ll see in auction houses or in other netsuke collectors or mammoth ivory figurine collectors collections. Instead, this is somewhat of an enigma piece. That will leave you wondering and amazed at the same time.

A Paradox in A Mesmerizing Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

This mammoth ivory master netsuke is truly breathtakingly beautiful. You can see the master carver’s workmanship, expertise and skill clearly in this well-defined piece. However, there’s a looming question mark of the scene and the meaning behind it.

Is this a mammoth ivory netsuke of pain or one of enjoyment and gain? This question can only be answered by inspecting the netsuke closely and observing it within your collection. Nevertheless, a netsuke that leaves the beholder wondering an in awe is a netsuke worth owning.

The Master Carver’s Masterpiece

All of this boils down to work that is both exceptional in it’s quality and it’s detail. Work that is illuminating and so dense with detail that when you view the piece all you see is perfection.

For example, the tame swan that allows it’s masters to ride safely on it’s back. Or the garments the “passengers” are wearing that are so full of detail and adornment they appear life-like. Even the hair and facial expressions make it feel as though you’re in this scene alongside them.

All this perfection in one mammoth ivory master netsuke can only bring you to one conclusion, what is the passenger in the back looking for? And is that a gun pointing at the head of the passenger in front? So many questions that only true collectors can appreciate.

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