This enthralling and inviting Mammoth ivory master netsuke is one of wonder, and pure genius artwork. It’s a charming rendition of something both abstract and ordinary. You certainly haven’t seen a netsuke that’s this captivating and beautifully refined.

Two Worlds Colliding In A Mysterious Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

This is something that won’t happen frequently because an octopus is a creature surviving mainly in water, and monkeys are land primates. However, in this carving you see the monkey and the octopus as one.

In particular this mammoth ivory master netsuke is exceptionally captivating because there’s a duality in this piece that’s uncommon. Is the octopus trying to escape the grasp of the monkey or is the monkey escaping the grasp of the octopus? At this stage they both yield equal control of each other. Especially since the octopus has all it’s tentacles on the monkey, and the monkey has is biting the octopus.

This ambiguous statement, makes this piece especially enthralling. A piece you’ll marvel at and want to figure out.

However, the scene this mammoth ivory master netsuke is capturing isn’t the only noteworthy part of this piece. The intricacy and fragility with which the master carver carves the piece is also wonderfully on display. You cannot ask for a more befitting piece than this netsuke. Because the beauty of the artwork, and the detail of the scene make it equally captivating and unique.

The fact that it’s made with rare, valuable and legal mammoth ivory is only a bonus.

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