There are very few netsuke as abstract as this one. You can see brilliance, objectivity, inspiration, talent, beauty and perfection all in this mammoth ivory master netsuke. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to own such a delicate and prestigious netsuke.

A Masterpiece Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke With Great Meaning

This unlikely piece is so abstract that you can see the artist is creating a message through this netsuke. Can you see it?
By focusing on five masks, all grotesque, all with such great detail and all so simple. Yet complex at the same time. The beauty of this piece lies in it’s intricacy as well as it’s meaning. But, there’s another piece that makes this netsuke valuable. It’s a classic piece that has many several definitions.

Observing this netsuke closely, you can see it’s definition. The artist is drawing attention to the several masks we wear daily. But also is drawing attention to the pretentiousness and lies portrayed through modern art. As more artists stray from their talent to create artistic pieces that make more money.

However, there is also a surprise element to these masks. There is in fact not five masks, but six. Yes, the artist even manages to hide one mask to the back. This mask looks the most terrified of them all. In fact, this mask takes on a slightly different look to the other masks. Meaning this mask could have the most meaning of them all.

What that meaning is exactly, will depend on how you choose to interpret this piece. However, one thing is certain, when you purchase this mammoth ivory master netsuke you will own something meaningful and unique. It’s will become the epitome of excellence in any collection.

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