Symbolic of strength the tiger is one creature that is often depicted throughout Japanese art. This mammoth ivory master netsuke is no different. However, what makes this artwork very unique is the fact that men are hunting it.

Symbolic Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

Historically, men hunt tigers because it is seen as the ultimate sign of strength and courage – characteristics that are seldom these days. However, the artist captures the true meaning of strength and courage. And showcases that to subdue an animal of such great strength it requires four times as much strength and courage as any man can summon. However, you can clearly see that the artist wants to highlight the strength of the animal compared to the strength of men. Because not only is the tiger much larger than the men, it is also still ready to fight.

This representation of this phenomenal beast is breathtaking, and so is the intricate carving of it’s features. Even the tigers paws and claws are perfect in this mammoth ivory master netsuke carving. However, not only is the tiger a precise carving, the master carver places that same flawless design in the men. This is apparent because of the attire they’re wearing to hunt as well as the methods they use to carry out their task.

This makes this netsuke a special piece to have in your collection.

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