It’s an obvious sign of respect, humility, and dignity that these children are taking the time to lift a Buddha. It is what makes this mammoth ivory master netsuke truly special and a unique piece.

A Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke Of Simplistic Perfection

What any collector will appreciate and admire about this piece is that the master carver isn’t creating a pretentious piece to cover up their mistakes. Instead, they’re creating a piece that highlights their dazzling workmanship.

What this piece represents is something truly exceptional and uncommon today. However, to display such a meaningful and sincere piece the carver decides to highlight certain elements. Yes, if you look closely you will notice three stand out features. The face of the Buddha and the hands of the children. It’s a clear representation of the joy the Buddha is experiencing from the moment and the effort the children are exerting to help.

This mammoth ivory master netsuke is also the work of a perfectionist. For example, when closely observing the piece the decorations on the garments are apparent. Yes, when you look innately at this netsuke you will notice each detail on the garments is a perfect portrayal of genuine Japanese garments. Therefore, it makes this piece both historically accurate and immensely beautiful.

A Carving of Pure Legal Mammoth Ivory

All our pieces are carved using legal mammoth ivory. This mammoth ivory is rare and precious, yet is available for legal trade. The source of the mammoth ivory our carver’s can be found only in Siberia and Alaska. And are the fossilized tusks of centuries old mammoths.

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