The innocence of youth and the love of animals is proudly on display in this extraordinary mammoth ivory master netsuke. One that has great character, beauty and artistic depth.

Why You Must Purchase This Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

If you’re an avid netsuke collector or Japanese artifact collector this is something you have to add to your collection. Why? Because this is an uncommon netsuke. And it’s a netsuke that has all the elements to become a netsuke that will be highly coveted in a few short years. And that’s because of the detail, the story and the artist’s rendition of youth and love. When you combine all these features you’re left with a netsuke that is a masterpiece.

An Uncommon and Delightful Master Netsuke

Observing this piece closely you will understand it’s significance and what the artist is trying to portray. The exact interpretation of this netsuke is best left to the owner. But you can clearly see the master carver is trying to illustrate love, friendship and care at it’s finest. Because there isn’t much more innocent than a young child forming a bond with an animal.
As you can see the child is taking care to care for the pig. She is washing it, caring for it and this makes both her and the pig happy. Love like this is uncommon, but it’s something people yearn for and long for. And it’s something the artist is choosing to illustrate through their work.

Not only that, but the manner in which this netsuke is carved is different to other netsuke. Which makes this artists work more precious. You can see this by the facial features, dress and even the stain he chooses to use when creating this netsuke. It’s a darker stain, and the features are more rounded and less square than other netsuke. There are also some fine details that can go unnoticed. Like the style of the garment the girl is wearing. All these showcase the unique interpretation the artist chose to use.

If you consider yourself a netsuke connoisseur you have to purchase this netsuke today!


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