Look at this exquisite mammoth ivory master netsuke! It’s a truly mesmerizing artwork from our master carver. The shapes, design, scene, and the colors all play an important in what makes this carving unique and breathtaking.

Breathtaking and Symbolic Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

This mammoth ivory master netsuke depicts a scene of Buddha with two children who are looking up to him. Making this a symbolic representation of a religious precept. However, what’s most amazing about this mammoth ivory netsuke is that the master carver goes to great lengths to carve a near perfect – although considerably small – carving of something so precious.

But, the master carver makes even greater effort to show the love of the most prominent feature – Buddha. However, he spends just as much time and effort depicting the admiration of children and his followers.

Another, truly fascinating feature of this mammoth ivory is the ornate and highly decorate garments worn by both Buddha and the children. Yet, it’s the patterns on the garments that are truly a showpiece of this mammoth ivory master netsuke. Similarly, the flowers that dot Buddhas garments and the different garment styles the children wear make this piece truly spectacular. Yet another example that showcases the precision and dedication our master carver places in this netsuke to ensure it’s perfect. Also, the colors on display in this netsuke and flamboyancy of Buddha make this piece something to behold.

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