A dark yet piece. This mammoth ivory master netsuke is fascinating, elaborate and absolutely marvelous. Telling a story that is far deeper and darker than many other netsuke.

Compelling Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

When you look closely at this somber, and sordid netsuke you will see that they are all joined by a bone. This can give this netsuke a number of meanings or be symbolic of several different things. However, what is most obvious is that this netsuke is an occultic piece. As it symbolizes death, destruction and isolation. Yet, the artist takes the time to make it as appealing to collectors as any other mammoth ivory masterpiece netsuke. And he accomplishes this by making it a simplistic and realistic piece that accurately displays objects in the occult.

What is most haunting about this piece is the fact that these skulls represent people that are no longer. Although it is an artistic piece, if it indeed is an “accurate” or “realistic” representation than it can be seen as something truly dark. However, because the master carver keeps the design simple and unique you can simply see his own interest in the occult through this piece.

A Truly Unique Collectors Piece

For those collectors who have an appetite for dark and deeper pieces, this is an ideal netsuke to purchase. Because, it is eye catching and sensoric. And it is clearly indicative of something deeper.

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