What’s more majestic than a horse? Two horses. Yes, this charming mammoth ivory master netsuke is an excellent addition to our curated collection.

As you can see from the design, this carving is precise, accurate and exceptionally intricate. The master carver’s brilliant work is quite evident in this piece. As it doesn’t need any stain or embellishment to show off the detail. It’s simplicity, highlights the fact that the artist was detailed, showcasing the form, character and intensity of the horses. In addition, the artist focuses more on showcasing the distinct features of the horse in a manner that makes it delightful to look at and observe.

When an artist’s artistry is on display like this you can only imagine that that mammoth ivory master netsuke will be valuable. Gaining more value over time, and becoming more in demand.

A Perfect Depiction of A Classic Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

The artist of this specific mammoth ivory master netsuke also took the time to use the mammoth ivory quite prominently, to show off it’s luster and brilliance. Using only their carving equipment and mammoth ivory to create a piece that truly standouts and will dominate in your netsuke collection.

Also, this piece is a classic netsuke. Not only because of the design but also because of it being truly simplistic. And drawing attention to the master carver’s ability and skill in a way you don’t see too often on other netsuke.

When You Purchase This Mammoth Ivory Netsuke Expect:

  • Free worldwide Delivery
  • Exceptional Quality From A Renowned Carver
  • Ivory That You Can Sell Legally
  • Ownership of A Valuable Collectible and Rare Mammoth Ivory

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