Look at this beautiful piece of sixsome erotic netsuke, a decorative art piece carved from mammoth ivory tusk piece. Notice the intermingling of sexes as they are portrayed in different sexual positions. Notice the brown colored shoes that each of them wears except the coiffured woman at the front that has her legs wrapped around the shoulders of the man holding her. Look at the exquisite carving that has been done from a single piece of mammoth ivory tusk.

Erotic connotations on sixsome netsuke

All of the six people in varied sexual positions have their arms around the person standing in front of them, while the long haired sixsome men gives the whole decorative piece a rustic air. Completely nude, except for the shoes and hair done in braids, notice the well-chiseled torsos and proportionate bodies.

The Master Carver has etched the sexual connotations on a netsuke, a symbol of sexual freedom and portrays the magic of recreational group eroticism.  Notice the fine detailing, elaborate hairdo of the lady copulating and the braided hair of the men.

Details on erotic netsuke

The woman in the front who is held by the man in an embrace has her hands extended over the shoulders while the legs are wide apart, encircling the man’s waist. Boldly portrayed in a sixsome, the Master Carver has managed to symbolize the passion and excitement of group sex with relative ease and the complete sculpture elucidate erotic charm. Don’t miss the excitement and smile son the face of everyone that has been carved on the netsuke.

Don’t miss the tow holes at the bottom of the tiny sculpture of netsuke. Considered to be toggle on the robes of the Japanese women to hold accessories from the obi, netsuke has an enchanting history. Today, a sought-after collectible, enumerating the sexual escapades of men and women of yore, consider this beautiful piece as an added art piece to the art collection.

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