This exquisite mammoth ivory master netsuke is a must have for your netsuke collection.

As any serious collector knows, it’s important to diversify your artwork while remaining relevant. That’s why this netsuke which embodies peace and tranquility and is steeped in history and tradition is the netsuke to own.
But it’s because this particular carving of a Japanese man sitting is fantastically visual and a timelessly appealing piece that makes it worthwhile. However, the piece also makes use of the artists impression of modern day. Making it very relevant and even more valuable.

The fine details engraved on this mammoth ivory netsuke is what makes it particularly enticing and unique. But looking closely at the detail you will notice that the artist masterfully crafted this old Japanese man for your enjoyment. Also, expertly crafting his garments; paying close attention to the design and embroidery. And in the process making this mammoth ivory master netsuke appear realistic and lifelike. In addition, the time the artist spent perfecting the man’s facial features make it very easy to understand the meaning behind the netsuke.

It’s small differences like this that will make this piece very valuable in future.

The Finest Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

As a source of the finest mammoth ivory netsuke pieces – pieces with great meaning, and elegant yet traditional taste, it’s important that our customers know that our master carvers only make our netsuke with mammoth ivory, an ivory source that is available for legal tender, and therefore will not hinder any purchaser from resale or auction.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase this beautiful mammoth ivory master netsuke to add to your collection. It truly is perfectly designed with plenty of history, meaning and the effort of the artist to invoke and awaken all your senses.

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