A netsuke that’s fun, suggestive and intriguing. Yet one that’s also very well crafted. Why have a netsuke of one cat, when you can have a netsuke of two. And what better netsuke to have than one of cats in love. This mammoth ivory master netsuke will make a lovely addition to your collection.

And as you can see from the carving, these truly are cats in love. The carver really took their time to carve every specific detail so that you can really see the affection the cats have for each other.

In fact, this mammoth ivory master netsuke is a representation of your own love and affection. And can be a lovely keepsake for you to share with that someone special.

A Meaningful Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

Netsukes first became a way to adorn a Yakimono in the 17th century and ever since then has become a collectors item. These gorgeous, intricately carved and meaningful pieces hold as much meaning now as they did then. Even if you don’t have a Yakimono to adorn it with.

These two cats in particular are quite symbolic. Depending on how you interpret the carvers piece you can see that this piece symbolizes young love. Love that is naive, innocent and connected. If that is your love, or the kind of love you wish to have you definitely need to purchase this piece.

Not only will you be making a purchase that will stand the test of time like your love. But, you’ll also have a piece of artwork that will become more valuable.

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