Handsomely hand-crafted wild pig man is made from legal and pure mammoth ivory. Notice the glistering polish and the off-white luster of mammoth ivory. See how the wild pig man is half a man and half a pig. The face is of a pig with two small tusks while the ears and large black eyes make it seem life-like. See how the large eyes have been carved. The ears have been carved turned back, but the clean-cut lines show the skill of the Master Carver.

Wild pig man

Notice the ornate dress and motifs. Only the face is of a pig while the body is of a man. The large stiff collars add elegance and status to the wild pig man. See how he holds his hands. One of the hands is at his waist while the other one holds the cloth around his legs. Notice the delicate portrayal of the twisted cloth that are at open end at the back, where there are tow holes of a netsuke. Look at the etchings on the collar. Notice the diamond shaped designs and the twisted ribbon or rope, that runs around the neck and waist. Look at the sleeves. The borders are ornately carved with scalloped edges. It holds the cloth together at the waist which he is twisting and holding in the cloth. See how the cloth carved in pure mammoth ivory looks natural with delineated lines and curves.

Notice the layers of the robe which can be seen in different angles. The flow and fold of the robe can be seen with ease. The complete figurine is symmetrical and proportional. Carving a mystical figure which has traditional roots of good luck and prosperity is one of the sought-after collectibles of art lovers.  It showcases the skill and experience of the Master Carver.

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