This is not your average netsuke, instead this ivory mammoth master netsuke displaying 6 people in a row boat is an extraordinary netsuke.

What makes this Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke so Intriguing and Extraordinary?

Firstly, the beautiful detail the artist has carved into this mammoth ivory netsuke is nothing short of amazing. The finest details that the artists is painstakingly carving the netsuke give it greater and deeper meaning.

Also, because of the length the artist took to showcase the minute details it’s more intriguing than other netsukes. The outfits of six people are perfect, and so are their facial expressions.

Another reason this mammoth ivory master netsuke is so intriguing is the scene it’s depicting. The scene is an authentic and tradition portrayal of ancient Japan. And the artist made sure every detail is true to what is true of that time.

Lastly, this particular piece which is a carving that uses 10,000 year old mammoth ivory. This ivory is native to Alaska and Siberia, and is in itself already highly valuable. However, when an artist uses that ivory to create an exceptional piece like this that value increases exceptionally.

And the fact that the piece is hand carved means no two pieces are completely identical. Which only adds to its resale value. Go on, purchase this lovely and exquisite mammoth ivory master netsuke.

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