This mammoth ivory netsuke of a tortoise and a cat is a piece that is masterfully crafted. As it is depicting an artist’s interpretation of life in the wild. This is a modernist take on the traditional netsuke which was worn as part of a 17th century Japanese male Yakimono. 

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke With A Deeper Meaning

This specific item holds a far deeper meaning if closely examined. It represents unity among animals, but can have many different meanings, and uses.

Looking closely at the elements that make up this mammoth ivory netsuke you’ll notice the animals are bonding. This is really interesting as they aren’t of the same species.

Therefore, this art will certainly draw the attention of others, who’ll look in admiration and bewilderment at the intricate detail. And the perfectly depicted features of the animals. Reflecting on the profound meaning behind the artwork.

Legal Mammoth Ivory – That Are Great To Auction Worldwide

The ivory of our mammoth ivory netsuke isn’t endangering any animal and is therefore trading all over the world because it is acceptable and permissable at auctions. This is because our artists create them using legal mammoth ivory tusks. Tusks that can be found in arctic regions like Siberia and Alaska.

These 10,000-year-old tusks are very rare and highly valuable. Making this particular mammoth ivory netsuke more precious than others, and more coveted when resold.

This mammoth ivory netsuke also makes the perfect family heirloom as it increases in value and becomes more sought in a few years. That’s because this specific netsuke is signed and hand carved by a top master carver.


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