Certainly this mammoth ivory master netsuke of a sumo wrestler is both precise and abstract. In fact, when you closely examine this piece you will notice little nuances the master carver places throughout the piece. Because of these nuances the carver is able to create a piece with depth, intrigue and meaning. And in doing so, really elevates the art in this carving.

Certainly A One-of-a-Kind Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

At first glance, the part of this mammoth ivory master netsuke that stands out the most is the sumo wrestler. However, when you take a second look you really get a sense of the scene the master carver is creating with this carving. In fact, this is no ordinary piece. Instead, this piece tells a story of hard work, determination and a rise to the top.

Because, in Japanese tradition sumo wrestlers are some of the most hard working sportsman. As they stay in a heya of 15 wrestlers, and painstakingly working their way to the top, working on their abilities day and night. Therefore, by carving this elaborate mammoth ivory master netsuke of a sumo wrestler preparing for battle the master carver is really spotlighting this dedication. Not only that, but, he manages to truly display the fruit of the sumo wrestler’s efforts.

Firstly, he makes this evident through the hair, by creating a top-knot bun that displays their rank. Next, he adds to this by carving a loincloth that is clearly visible as a sturdy and stronger material. All in all these aspects showcase that this sumo wrestler is a top-two division wrestler – one that is ranked highly.

Lastly, the carver beautifully displays the strength of the sumo wrestler. Although you cannot see his opponent, it’s clear that this sumo wrestler is about to win. Because of his stance, look of determination, and clear years of experience. Which makes for a beautiful rendition of this mammoth ivory master netsuke.

Above All A Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke That Combines Meaning With Accuracy

For all these reasons this is the mammoth ivory master netsuke you should be purchasing. Not only is it a meaningful piece. But, it’s also been precisely carved, and beautifully displays the strength, endurance and hard work of the sumo wrestler.