An abstract netsuke that combines both traditional netsuke elements with a modern interpretation. This mammoth ivory master netsuke of two foxes is a true gem. And is therefore a netsuke worth owning.

Purchase An Artists Finest Work

This breathtaking piece of natures most secretive and often misunderstood creature is a lovely piece to behold. And that’s not just because of the foxes, but also of how they’ve been intricately carved together. This is truly an artists finest work. And is clearly noticeable by the small details that are very realistic. You can see every last feature of the fox. Even the fur is noticeable and realistic on this small artwork.
What’s even more captivating about this piece is that the foxes are one but they’re also separate. There’s a small joining that make these foxes one piece. However, they have separate legs, tails and are almost symmetrical.

A Valuable Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

Mammoth ivory is the most sought after ivory in the world, and is legally procured for artwork and easy to trade. That’s because there isn’t any poaching involved. Instead, it’s source is mammoths whose fossils are in Siberia and Alaska. And since they can’t be extracted for too much longer. Buying a mammoth ivory master netsuke made from precious mammoth ivory is one of the few ways you can get your hands on this precious ivory.
The best part pf purchasing this mammoth netsuke carving is that when you purchase this carving you’re not just adding one fox to your collection but two. What can be better?

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