Delicately crafted mammoth ivory tusk netsuke of Laughing Buddha with a small boy holding an apricot is amazingly detailed. Look at the miniscule size yet the details are impeccable. Notice the details on the robe which is loosely tied at the waist. The tiny border of the robe is clearly sculpted along with the folds in the lower garment. The plantain leaf, apricot and the happy smiles on the faces of the young boy and Buddha are stupendous. See the hand painted eyebrows in black wherein each hair is individually painted. The leaf has the details carved into it and with the rustic brown highlights it brings out the details well.

The young boy’s robe has a different design, while the patterns are traditionally Oriental. Handcrafted by the sculptor, the intricate netsuke has the old world charm and has been crafted precisely. The rich luster of ivory has its sheen which is subtly brought out by the artist.

Look at the bottom of the netsuke. See the tiny circles that accentuate the base. The inherent criss-cross pattern of genuine mammoth ivory is clearly visible along with the two holes of the netsuke and the artist’s signature.

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Measurements :
Height: 4, Width:3 , Length: 2.5 Cm