Look at this beautifully hand crafted Twin Japanese Samurai netsuke carved in pure mammoth ivory. Notice the skill and level of expertise of the Master Carver, how he has managed to carve the Samurais in a combat position. Each of their faces reflect the readiness and concentration. Though they are twins but each samurai has a different facial expression even though the faces look alike. This has given each Samurai an individual identity and features. Notice the aggressive expressions as they are ready to fight.

Japanese Samurai netsuke is collectible

One of the coveted pieces, the twin Japanese Samurai netsuke is part of the master pieces Netsukes collection. Carved out of high quality organic and genuine mammoth ivory, the netsuke are usually 1 or 2 inches in size, making the skill of the Master Carver stand out. That is because only an extremely skilled and experienced sculptor can etch such details, on such a small piece of mammoth ivory. Carved in such tiny details, notice the dress, the folds where the belt holds it narrow at the waist. Looking carefully over the Twin Japanese Samurai netsuke, see the pattern of the robe, the pants and how he holds the samurai sword. It is not only skillfully hand painted but the hairstyles also differ.

Hand crafted netsuke

Notice that the samurai at the back is standing within a woven basket. This is a unique feature that is noticeable in this netsuke. Even the woven sandals of the first Samurai in the front can be seen with ease. See the bottom, where the Master Carver has hand painted his sign. Notice the bare feet of the Japanese samurai that is standing at the back. The fine etching, small details and the miniscule sculpture of the Netsuke is marvelous.

Mammoth ivory Netsukes is absolutely legal worldwide. Read all about Netsuke in our education Center.

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