Exotic carving of Japanese Netsuke Two-Face Like Geisha and Devil on Mammoth Ivory

Look at this exotic yet outlandish work of Japanese Two-Face Like Geisha and Devil carefully sculpted with original mammoth ivory.

Take a look at the how this master artist has worked on kimono and obi the apparels of Geisa.

Kimono is a tradition of Japanese clothing its gown decorated with block printing. Obi is the type of girdle mainly used to secure kimono and keep it close.


It has been said that in early days Japanese people use to swap their dresses Old lady use to dress like young girls and young girls use to do the opposite. Likewise, Men used to dress like women so they can mislead the devil if the devil appears.

These Japanese traditions are now extinct in the general public but still, these customs are maintained by Geisa. They usually carry out this tradition on a Japanese Festival which is known as Setsubun.

Geisa is Japanese entertainers they entertain with the traditional Japanese art form that includes Dancing and Singing with conventional Style, Makeup and Getup.

Usually, we see the face and neck of Geisa covered in white powder known as Oshiroi. As they turn older they stop using oshiroi.

Becoming Geisa is very tough because it demands hard work, time and money. Usually Geisa’s work under an Affluent man known as “Danna”.They manage and take care of Geisa lifelong.

It has been said and written that in Ancient time Geisa were men who dress like women and performs Singing and Dancing. In late 1700 they were almost replaced by women.

A woman goes through a very tough process to become a Geisa. Over the years they study traditional and aesthetic skills that include how to sing and dance in traditional style. This also includes making and proper dressing. One most required skills are to learn playing samisen.

A geisha is generally chartered to entertain and serve to guests at parties and function. Their main role is to entertain guest with singing, dancing, playing samisen and serving.

Usually, people confuse Geisa with sex workers but technically Geisa is entertainers. It has also been said that Geisa is actually it was illegal to do any kind of sex works.

Mostly Geisa’s are underaged girl. And it has been said that Geisa grew beautiful with their age.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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