This is intensely creative mammoth ivory netsuke of an artist carving a mask. Look at the passion and perseverance on the face of the artist as he pounds and sculpts the large mask. The perfect combination of mythology and traditions amalgamate in the creation of the handcrafted mask. Look at the vampire-like two teeth, the bulging eyes and the sardonic smile. See how well-crafted the lines are etched

Carving a mask

While the artist carving the large netsuke mask looks pensive and patient. His hair seems to be tied at the back while he wears a band around his forehead. See the chisel and the hammer that he holds in each of his hands. The grasp of the fingers has been articulately detailed while the muscles on his arms stand out. Wearing the traditional waistcoat over a knee length robe, his legs dangle over the bench. Don’t miss glancing over the fine etchings done on the bench that give it a wooden look. It has been filled with brown colored color to give it the wooden grain look. The skill of the Master Carver ensures that not only is the netsuke to proportion, but the details are awesome.

In the Orient, carving wooden mask is a professional that has continued for centuries and still holds importance. Thus, the mask carver is painstakingly carving the large-scale wooden mask of a mythical man. The large eyes seem to pop out while the bigger teeth give the mask a menacing look. The designs and motifs on the artist’s dress are hand painted after being etched. The Schreger Lines are visible on the mask and verifies the ivory as mammoth ivory. The Master Carver has etched his signature on the bottom of the foot of the artist. This authenticates the mammoth ivory netsuke as genuine and legal for worldwide shipping.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory netsuke:

Centimeters      Inches      Height
19                          7.5

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