This tiny yet amazingly detailed mammoth ivory Netsuke of dog is a true collectible. The veracity with which the sculptor has carved out the expressions on ivory dog can be judged by the fine finesse and details. It is sitting complacently cuddled up, while the detailing is commendable. This masterpiece truly depicts the real face of dog, and one of the creations of nature, and showcases the calmness, the cuteness that dogs possess.

Carefully crafted Netsuke

Look at its drooping ears and it seems that this little dog is off to sleep. The Master Carver seems to have done a keen study of the canine breed to be able to carve the solid mammoth ivory with such intricacy. Its tiny claws are seen to be cuddled beneath him as he rests. His small nose adds to the magnetic charisma of the netsuke.

Look at the natural spots on the jaw of the dog, that has been smoothened out to perfection. See the spots on the dog’s body. These are hand painted with a fine point brush, in brown color. Notice the folds in the skin on the forehead, the beady black eyes and the tiny nose.

Intricate details

See the tiny tail that is wrapped around the rear. Look at the large brown spots on the body. The two holes can be seen at the bottom of the dog’s hind leg. The authentication of the signature of the artist is a sure sign that the legal mammoth ivory is genuine. Don’t miss the details on the bottom that include the folded legs and holes, accentuating that it is a netsuke.

Although the Netsuke has no practical value today, as it was used as a toggle for pouches and purses when kimonos were in regular wear. However, despite that these are evidently in demand by collectors worldwide.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory netsuke:

Centimeters      Inches      Height
19                          7.5

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