This carved mammoth ivory collectible erotic netsuke is an aesthetic bead, with utilitarian value. This tiny bead has been exquisitely carved and depicts a nude woman pleasuring herself as she holds up her Western hat with her other hand. Notice the open hair, hand painted black such that each strand of hair is noticeable and looks original even though it is carved from pure mammoth ivory.

Look at the jauntily placed hat with a delicate bow. Delicate folds and tiny Oriental motifs with hand painted border makes it for an ideal accessory for the woman.  Notice the nude body of the woman, with curves and cuts that have been done carefully by the Master Carver. Look at the hues of brown that form the natural color of mammoth ivory. The mammoth ivory lay buried in mineral rich permafrost and absorbed the minerals, which has given the hues to milky white ivory.

See the two holes, one on the back and one below. Look at the tiny fingers, molded the way it has to. While the other hand on the hat can be seen with ease. Look at the tilt of her head, the curve of the shoulder and arm and how well polished it is. The proportionate body and the cross-legged pose are symbolic of a relaxed state. Notice the placid expression as she pleasures herself. The details on the face are exemplified by the sculptor. The almond shaped eyes, black hair and well-crafted body is done by the artist to accentuate the beauty of the figurine.

The mammoth ivory Schreger lines are clearly visible if looked over carefully.  The crisscross pattern is inherent of legal and genuine mammoth ivory and authenticates that fact that this is 100% legal mammoth ivory netsuke with an erotic theme.

Mammoth ivory netsukes are absolutely legal worldwide.

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