This solid mammoth ivory sculpture has been hand carved by an eminent master carver and delineates the precise lines on the three dragons playing in the waves with a pearl ball.
Notice the amalgamation of the waves and dragons bodies. The realistic waves lap over the dragons, hiding their bodies in the thick foam.
See the intricately carved teeth, scales and webbed feet of the dragons.
Can you see the fine details on the waves as it rises to cover the dragons?


The solid mammoth ivory tusk has been carved in layers to bring to life the sculpture.
The dark brown tusk has retained the minerals in the soil and that has discolored the cream colored ivory but the inner sculpture shows woolly mammoth ivory in its real colors.
See the sign of the artist carved in brown while around it is cream ivory. Notice how minutely the waves at the bottom have been carved and don’t miss the tiny details on the dragon’s faces.
The fangs, whiskers and teeth are clearly visible even though they are proportionately tiny.


This elegant and detailed solid mammoth ivory tusk carving is set upon an equally beautiful hand carved teakwood stand.
Look at the details on the wooden stand which has been carved as trees with beautiful leaves.


You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center. 

Measurements  of the Piece Including Wooden Base:
 Height:10.5 ,Width:22 Length: 3.5 Inch / 27 x 56 x 9 cm

Measurements  of Ivory only:
Height:2.5 , Width: 22 ,  Length: 2 Inch /  6.5 X 56 x 5 Cm

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Measurements :
Height: 27, Width:48.5 , Length: 9 Cm