This beautifully handcrafted full length mammoth ivory tusk measuring 130 cm, has been painstakingly crafted over 6 months! Clear detailed view of the horses can be seen easily, running with their manes flowing delicately. Look at the expertise of the artist as each tiny detail has been paid attention to. Clear delineated lines, capture the action packed scene in simple lines.
The horse’s faces depict the excitement and action with open mouth and wide, flared nostrils.
Buy this absolutely magnificent carving for yourself and let it pass down as an heirloom!
The stand is elaborately carved wood, which highlights the carving above. It has the master carver’s signature.


Measurements:130 Cm – from edge to edge, size of carving only 110cm, Thickness: 8 cm.

Measurements :
Height: 0, Width:0 , Length: 0 Cm