This amazing handcrafted mammoth ivory tusk depicting 13 rabbits scene.
Perfect Tusk especially for the year 2011 – The year of the Rabbit.
Look at the expertise of the artist as each tiny detail has been paid attention to. Clear delineated lines, capture the action packed scene in simple lines.
Two Important features of the Rabbit year:
Luck. Here’s good news: Rabbit years are traditionally quite lucky years.
• Money made easily. Finally, here’s a trait I certainly hope comes true: Traditionally, money can be made more easily in rabbit years than in many other years.

The stand is elaborately carved wood, which highlights the carving above. It has the master carver’s signature.

Mesurments Including the WoodStand:  Height: 11 Cm/ 4.3 In, Width : 16 Cm/6.3 In, Length 10 Cm / 3.93In

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Measurements :
Height: 8, Width:13 , Length: 6 CM