This magnificent piece of  MAMMOTH IVORY TUSK carving  “Luo Han 18 Monks. This Tusk of the Luo Han 18 Monks, is handcrafted from genuine high quality ivory, showing each Monk separately while still they seem to be intermingled. Carved on just the hollow surface of a piece of mammoth’s tusk, it shows each Monk in a different position. The end of the carved masterpiece is highlighted with the natural shine and brown shell of the raw tusk. This gives a very rustic look to the carving. This thin tusk shell carving requires high levels of expertise and skill that only a few have mastered. Just notice that each tiny detail that has been exemplified in fine details.

The “18 Luo Han” according to Chinese sources originated from the “Lion Play School” of Ksatreya Vajramutki in its “forms” (Sanskrit: Nata) (Jap: Kata/Kor: Hyung) and “applications” (Sanskrit: Pratima) (Jap: Bunkai) (Kor: Ung Yong Sool). Apparently, Bodhidharma was sent as a missionary to succeed his contemporary, Bodhiruci, by his Sarvastivada-trained teacher, Prajinatara. The “18 Luo Han” is known in India as the “18 Subduings” (Sanskrit: Astadasajacan) or “18 Victors” (Sanskrit: Astadasavijaya). The “18 Subduings” were the most important of the Indian Ksatreya Vajramutki forms which seemed to reflect the doctrine of the “18 Paramitas” (Spiritually Perfecting Practices) and the “18 Voidnesses of Wisdom”. They were developed within the context of Chinese Buddhism by the Yogacara School of Vasubandhu. Although there were similar groupings of “18 Spiritual Realities” in many earlier Traditions. These exercises were a part of various Indian medical traditions which can be traced back to the Indian Brahmin Traditions and possibly to the birth of the Indian civilization as depicted in the Bhagavad Gita (Song of The One Who is Most Dear). There was numerous mention of martial and healing arts and spiritual practices which formed the cornerstone of the basic structure of this culture.

 A floral carved wooden stand adds to the beauty of this Mammoth Ivory tusk.

The master carver has signed this piece of art.

 Height with wood stand:16′ Cm /  6.3′ In .

 Width with wood stand:57′ Cm / 22.4′ In .

 Want to know all about Mammoth ivory?

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Measurements :
Height: 12, Width:54 , Length: 5 Cm