Bring luck into your house or business! This big tusk of Assorted Gods will protect, bring luck, successes, abundance to you & your family.
Over 160 Cm of carving, showing each God separately while still they seem to be intermingled, along with the different deities that carved on this big tusk the Master carver depicted as well the Dragon spiting fire, an elephant, deity riding on a ram & holding his horns, Foo Dogs – the guarding lions & a tiger.
It’s so exciting to see how the artist merged between this powerful big Mammoth Ivory Tusk as a raw Material & between his amazing art creation.
This tusk reflecting power!!! From each angel that you look at the tusk – you have the WOW effect. At the first sight you see the uniqueness of the big, ancient Mammoth Tusk that aged more than 10,000 years, because the master carver well combined between the art & the natural look of the tusk.
The end of the carved masterpiece is highlighted with the natural shine and brown shell of the raw tusk. This gives a very rustic look to the carving. This thin tusk shell carving requires high levels of expertise and skill that only a few have mastered. Notice that each tiny detail that has been exemplified in fine details.
The amazing Big Tusk Stands on a floral carved wooden stand adds to the beauty of this Mammoth Ivory tusk & emphasis how unique & powerful this piece of art is really is.

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  • Basic differences between Elephant ivory and mammoth ivory
  • For how long will mammoth ivory be available?
  • Where does mammoth ivory lay buried? This Huge Tusk of Assorted Gods was handcrafted from 100% genuine, high quality mammoth ivory Tusk, combines ivory carving & reflect ancient history before the last Ice age. When you own big tusk of Mammoth ivory from the extinct woolly mammoth that roamed the earth before 10,000 years ago, you actually own a piece of history.The master carver has signed this amazing big Mammoth ivory carving state of art creation.

    Measurements of the Tusk:
    Length of the carving 160 Cm /65 In , of the Tusk
    Distance between edge to edge 115 Cm/ 45 In
    Thickness: 9 Cm / 3.54 In
    Height including wood stand: 110 Cm/ 43 In.
    Height of wood stand only : 45 Cm/18 In.


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