Carved out of genuine Mammoth Ivory Tusk This kama sutra two Couple Making Love in a row is Really Beautiful Shunga Figurine . Take a Look at the perfect curves and clean skillfulness. The intimate physical pleasure reflects on the face of the couple! Each muscle is carved with perfectness while the curves of the bodies are life like!

This Erotica Miniature Mammoth Ivory Figurine is Hand carved by Master Carver to perfection & signed by him.

This Ivory Carving Erotic  Figurine is made of top grade, 100% genuine Mammoth Ivory Tusk.

From the study conducted on Woolly Mammoths, it is now known that they were in existence 40,000 years ago and were there at least till the last Ice age, 10,000 years ago.

Mammoths have been extinct for 10,000 years, therefore mammoth ivory (fossil ivory) is not listed in the Appendices to the CITES. As such, it is absolutely legal import & export worldwide.
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Wood stand Measurements:
In Centimeters:
Width: 11 Cm, Height: 1.0 Cm , Length: 5.5 Cm
In Inches:
Width: 4.33 In, Height: 0.39 In , Length: 0.79 In

Measurements :
Height: 6, Width:7.5 , Length: 3.5 Cm