Exotic Piece of Two Squirrels Sculpted in Mammoth Ivory

You can buy this beautiful, yet unique work of Two Squirrels carefully sculpted with original mammoth ivory.

Take a look at the two cute squirrels intricately sculpted by a Master Carver.

Look at the squirrel behind tenderly leaning on the one eating the cereal. Notice how the squirrels have eaten deep into the woods and how Master Carver managed to carve even the tiniest features in their environment.

Look at how the folds of the chopped wood have been skillfully demarcated by the artist. See the delicate grains jealously guarded by one of the squirrels.


The sculpture of two squirrels in their comfort zone has actually carved in intricate details.

See how the squirrels have been carved with care and precision by a top master carver.

The exotic piece oozes furthermore than class, sophistication, beauty and raw talents. Also, a top skilled artist carefully designed this carved piece.

Check out the quality of mammoth ivory that has put into this exotic piece of art to make it stand out and highly valuable.

See how every tiny crack has been put to its own advantage by Master Carver.

The precious carving which is 20cm in width is outstanding and highly durable. It’s also a one in a lifetime item because once purchased, it can last for a lifetime. Besides, its value will only keep increasing over the years.

The carving is hand-made with extremely high-quality mammoth ivory. Rest assured that by purchasing this beauty made with extremely high-quality ivory, you will be giving much value to your money.

Mammoth Ivory Tusks are absolutely legal worldwide and more awesome is the fact that we offer free shipping worldwide for every piece purchased.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 19 7.4
Width 7 2.75
Length 6 2.36

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 19.5 7.67
Width 7.5 2.95
Length 6 2.36