Look at this handcrafted carving of fish in pure and legal mammoth ivory tusk. Don’t miss out on the intricate details that bring to life these catfish, with tiny whiskers clearly visible.

Considered to be an auspicious aspect of the Oriental mythology and a important trade, a number of fish are clearly visible. Look at the fine details on the body of the fish, the tiny scales, the pristine symmetry and the beady black eyes.

Carving of Fish

In some places, the piece is hollow and though the Master Carver has utilized the precious raw material to the maximum, the beautiful and delightful carving is a rare piece of art.

Customized design and intricate details on carving of fish can be seen easily. See how the Master Carver has managed to cut through the solid ivory and carve the waves of the sea, the aquatic plants and stems while the numerous fish swim through the deluge.

Look at the dots that stand out on the stem of the plants, the froth of the waves. Carving such intricate details isn’t easy and needs the expertise of a skilled sculptor.

Look at the life-like waves as they hit the shores, the large leaves that can be seen on the top of the waters. The fishes seem to come from all directions. With open mouth, they seem to nibble on the aquatic plants.

The Master Carver has given the tiny dots over the flowing water to cover any inadequacies of the mammoth ivory tusk. The beautiful milky white ivory has retained the luster and finish, even after laying under the Arctic permafrost for eons.

Completely handcrafted, the Master Carver has put their insignia onto the custom carving giving it authentication that it is pure mammoth ivory. Set upon a custom hand crafted wooden stand, look at the intricate detailing that has been done, matching the waves of the ivory sculpture.

It is legal to ship and sell mammoth ivory worldwide.