This sculpture of group of frogs has been carved by hand over a piece of genuine mammoth ivory tusk. Notice the tapering piece of tusk that has been elaborately carved by the Master Carver, giving it a unique look with frogs all over the lotus stems and leaves. Although the cracks are visible in the ivory tusk piece and seems to be hollow inside, the Master Carver has managed to create a wonderful and highly detailed sculpture just using the outer layers of the ivory.

Lotus leaves and frogs

Look at the rough edges of the lotus leaves as they are carved folded in different ways or curled at the edges. See the lotus seed pods and each seed has been separately etched. Don’t miss looking at the black dotted eyes of each frog while the carefully carved mouth and ears lend it a natural look. From blooming lotus flowers to buds and large folded and curled lotus leaves, even the frothy waves have been intricately carved. It seems as if the Master Carver took a piece from beautiful nature and turned it into ivory. The folded legs of the frogs, the intrinsically carved and etched details on their body like the rough texture, the ridges and webbed feet are clearly visible.

At the very top, there are two frogs one over the other while the third frog is on the side of the small blooming lotus flower. Even the veins of the lotus leaves have been carefully carved, while the overlapping effect makes it look natural and life like. Even the lotus stem has the ridges to make it look natural. Set upon a hand crafted, beautiful wooden base, the complete towering sculpture of frogs is a unique decorative art collectible.

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Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 11 4.33
Width 5 1.96
Length 17 6.69

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 15 5.90
Width 10 3.93
Length 15 5.90