Look at this beautiful disc of mammoth ivory with dragon & bats carved into it. Notice how delicately the vertical disc of the mammoth ivory has been cut and carved. See the exquisite details carved on the dragon.

The Master Carver has used the vertical slice of ivory and carved the whole dragon & bats into a round shape of ivory tusk. Look at the beautiful craftsmanship, the delicate etchings and how well the dragon’s face and scales have been carved. Look at the open mouth, flaring nostrils and two long whiskers.

Mammoth Ivory Carvings Of Dragon & Bats  Video Clip

Sculpture of Dragon & bats

Notice the claws and the feet that are carved at the end of the circle. See the curved body of the dragon and the scales etched on the body of the dragon. Don’t miss the flaming mane, the large horns and the eyebrows. Check out the other side where the lucky coins are surrounded by five bats with open wings, which stands for “Five good fortune”.

See the delicate bat wings with the details. The Master Carver has been able to etch and sculpt to the tiny details.  Look at the beady black eyes, the small wings which appear translucent and the round ring of lucky five coins.

The Dragon, the lucky coins are five bats are considered to be lucky and that is why displaying this beautiful sculpted mammoth ivory carving can attract prosperity and happiness.

Notice the intricate workmanship, the excellent finish and the delicately carved flowers all over the sculpture, giving it a definitive detail. In between the dual carving there are hollow space which talks about the extremely high precision skills of the artist.

The vertically cut disk of mammoth ivory has been fashioned skillfully, making it an object of desire to harbor in prosperity and good luck into your home or office. It is set upon a large wooden carved base.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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