Look at this amazingly handcrafted beautiful carving of Buddha. Notice the half open robe, the quintessential smile, pot belly and the large prayer beaded necklace or the pearls of wisdom. Notice the large head with a polished bald head. Look at the necklace in his left hand which is similar to the necklace he wears in his neck.

Each of the large beads is carefully etched, with each individual bead carved in place. See the etched threads that fall on his below from the necklace. See how the large drop shaped earlobes fall over the necklace. Notice how the knot is tied around the robe on his waist. The robe has been hand-painted brown and gives off a velvet-like sheen.

Carving of Buddha

He holds a large branch on his shoulder that holds a cloth sack. This bag symbolizes and is said to contain happiness, wealth and prosperity. See how beautifully the cloth sack has been carved. Notice the fine detailing of the flowers and leaf motifs, over the cloth bag.

Look at the six leaves that hang from the branches. The concentric designs give it a defined shape. Amazingly sculpted by the master carver, the carving of Buddha statue is one of the kinds, giving a different aura to the whole area where it is placed.

The Master Carver has managed to give a unique look of the branch while the carved details bring to life the complete figurine. See the folds of the knotted cloth bag, how the solid ivory has been carved into folds.

Check the way the artist has carved the imperfections in the branch with highlighted parts and knots. Look at the fine detailing on the pink flowers and the green leaves. It takes immense skill to hand paint fine details on the statute of Buddha. The whole sculpture is carved from a single piece of mammoth ivory.