Look at this beautiful mammoth ivory carving of Buddha lifting giant coin with two kids. Notice the superior quality carving with life-like depiction of the two children sitting on the yuanbao. Believed to bring in good luck and prosperity, this beautiful sculpture depicts the traditional laughing Buddha, wearing a half open robe.

Notice the large earlobes, open chest and pot belly of the happy Buddha. See the upturned eyes, open mouth and the lines of the forehead that has been carved by the Master Carver. Check the folds on the sleeve as if the fabric of the robe slipped down.

Buddha lifting giant coin with two kids

It is extremely difficult to carve such detail of Buddha lifting giant coin with two kids on solid mammoth ivory yet the skilled Master Carver is one of the few to create masterpieces in ivory. Look at the frown lines, the large earlobes, perfectly crafted teeth, and the large body, delicately crafted by the Master Carver.

Notice the two boys sitting on the large yuanboa. Look at the scrolls in the boy’s hands, with inscriptions etched on it.  The artist has hand crafted the single piece of ivory with considerable planning and skill. Notice the way his feet are folded and etched perfectly. Check the signature of the Master Carver on the folds of his garments at the very bottom.

The complete robe has been etched and then hand painted, giving it a unique look. Don’t miss the beautiful beaded necklace that adorns the Buddha and even the threads tied at the end are conspicuously present and hand crafted by the artist.

Buddha holds a special place in the traditional iconography of Oriental Gods. Considered to be a harbinger of good luck, prosperity and happiness, the Buddha lifting the giant coin with kids is perfect for any home or office.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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