This is an intrinsically carved plaque of the Last Supper of Jesus, crafted from pure mammoth ivory tusk piece. Based on the mural painting by Leonardo da Vinci, the Master Carver has done an amazing job, showcasing the details carefully. Notice the delicate delineated lines, the skillfully crafted details on the Apostles. Each one has been carved differently, and the intricate details are clearly visible. Look at the curly hair of Jesus, the draped robe and the open hand on the table. See how the crowd of Apostles is around the table where the last remains of the meal have been consumed.

Look at the beautiful details that include the design on the tablecloth and the details on the table legs. Notice the geometric patterns and the systematic depth of the room. See how each figurine is seated, the robes draped over each figure, and even the folds are visible under the table. The extremely high quality etching and detailing that is awe-inspiring. See the latticed windows, intricately etched with perfectly symmetrical designs. The complete room has been given the right focus and look. See how the room’s ceiling tapers off, giving the idea about the size of the room.  Don’t miss the tiled look on the ceiling and the ornate doorway, on the  Last Supper carving. See the multiple leg stands of the table and how the carving has been done.

The Master Carver has managed to carve the Last Supper plaque of pure mammoth ivory with intricate details. Though the slice of mammoth tusk isn’t very thick, yet the artist has managed to carve such details with precision and clarity. The tiny scale of the Apostles with such details is amazingly done. Set upon a wooden frame, it is a genuine and unique piece of antique art and skill. The hand crafted and finely polished plaque is set delicately on the teakwood stand that was custom made for it.

Mammoth ivory tusks are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 13, Width:28 , Length: 2.5 Cm