Look at this exclusive sculpture. The mammoth ivory tusk has been carved to perfection and showcases two Tigers in different positions.
The Tiger on the higher platform is in a more aggressive position while the second tiger is crouching at a lower level.
See the way the artist has carved through thin layers of tusk ivory to bring to life two wild animals.
Finely polished, the ivory has been polished to bring out the luster while the back has been left in the natural state, with raw ivory that has a brownish exterior.

See the luster of genuine ivory after it is polished and the delicate clear lines on the tigers’s body while the hand crafted, teakwood sculpture is a base and stand, complementing the beauty of the ivory sculpture.  

The artist has signed the sculpture, verifying it as original hand crafted art piece of legal mammoth ivory.
Though there is natural brown discoloration, it is due to the organic mammoth ivory tusk absorbing the minerals from the permafrost and soil as it was buried under it for centuries.
Look at the criss cross patterns that are inherent of original mammoth ivory and are present at the ends of the tusk, where it has been left in raw natural state, but polished to bring out the natural luster.

Height of the tusk Including Woodstand: 17Cm/6.69In

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Measurements :
Height: 9, Width:33 , Length: 5 Cm