Exotic Carvings of Two Squirrels Playing in Mammoth Ivory

You can buy this wonderful, yet unique work of Two Squirrels Playing with each on a wooden plank carefully sculpted with original mammoth ivory.

Take a look at the playing of two cute squirrels intricately sculpted by a Master Carver.

Finally look at the squirrel tenderly leaning downward to go towards the other squirrel.

Look at these remarkable little squirrels how they are observing their environment in search of food. This gorgeous and exquisite statue will make your home even more gratifying.


Hopping of squirrels from one place and others make them cute and adorable at the same time. This is exactly why, whenever you see chip and dale it brings happiness and smile in your face.

Above all squirrel teaches you the importance of communication with other people and also shows you how to honor people through your wrangle, deeds, and activities. Squirrels motivate you to honor the frictions between each other and discover a way to flawlessly work with one another.

The Two Squirrel Playing Statues are a beautiful addition to your home. These squirrel statues look authentic, therefore give a feel of a life-like statue. This is a wonderful piece of art which adds an eccentric feel to any corner of your house.

This beautiful statue is carefully carved from a durable and high-quality Mammoth Ivory.

Furthermore, these adorable squirrel statues are compatible with any surroundings and can be placed anywhere in the house. These adorable figurines will add a little gaiety and humor to your home environment.

Finally, Squirrel symbolizes Energy, Recreation, Wisdom, Stability, Harmony, and Inventiveness. Even more squirrels statue will also adds GREAT Chi in your life which will bring Positivity in your life and surroundings.

Above all Mammoth Ivory Tusks are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 8 3.14
Width 4 1.57
Length 11 4.33

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 13 5.11
Width 8 3.14
Length 3 1.18