The beautiful group of cranes crafted from original mammoth ivory looks amazingly real.
Look at the delicately sculpted feathers with each crafted separately. Each aspect of the bird is carefully delineated and defined. Each crane is sculpted in a different position with trees in the background.
Look at the strong claws and each nail at the end is individually carved while the feathers have minute details.


See the back of the sculpture that retains the original brownish-blue discoloration due to being buried in the Arctic permafrost and absorbing the soil minerals.
The criss-cross patterns verify that the piece of tusk is original mammoth ivory.
The end of the tusk piece has been left in the natural state with dark brown exterior that looks similar to wood. The master craftsman diligently crafted the tusk by removing layers of solid ivory to bring forth the beauty of cranes in natural creamy white ivory. The customized handcrafted and detailed teakwood stand has been made to tailor-fit the ivory carving of cranes. Look at the tiny detailed wooden stand and how it compliments the vertically-crafted mammoth ivory sculpture. 


You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center. 
Measurements  of the Piece Including Wooden Base:
 Height:11 ,Width: 3.5  Length: 2.75 Inch / 28 x 8.9 x 7 Cm

Measurements  of Ivory only:
Height: 10.5 , Width:2.75,  Length:1.5 /  126.5 x 7 x 4 Cm

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Measurements :
Height: 28, Width:8.9 , Length: 7 Cm