See this amazingly carved piece of mammoth ivory tusk that has been sculpted in extensive detail.
Look at the waves, and see the minute froth and curls over the waves. Isn’t that exquisite? Notice how delicately the fishes have been carved.
See the details on the body of the frogs and fishes. Each scale is clearly demarcated while the wafer-thin fins showcase the tiny grooves, giving the fishes a life-like appeal.
Don’t miss the stem of the lotus leaves that have the right indentation and grooves all along the length, as it shows up from underneath the frolicking waves. Notice the clear lines, the curves that have been sculpted with such fluidity that seems to bend the ivory to form the curls and curves. See the veins on the leaves, the skin of the frog and the lotus seeds in the pods.


Look at the frog’s position as they seem to be alert and ready to leap. The frothy waves wash over the fishes, lotus plants and the sitting frogs.
The curve of the fish, webbed feet of the frogs and the delicate lotus stems are exquisite to behold. To complement the beautiful carving, the solid teakwood base has been customized to hold the piece of carved mammoth ivory tusk.

Mammoth Ivory Tusks are absolutely legal worldwide & Eco Friendly.

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Measurements :
Height: 22, Width:55 , Length: 4.5 Cm