What an extraordinary piece this mammoth ivory carving is! This interpretation of a dragon is quite exquisite and unique. But the unique design is only heightened by the unparalleled simplicity of the carving. Which draws the viewer in further. And sets this apart as a masterpiece.

Remarkable Mammoth Ivory Carving

The dedication and skill of the master carver is evident in this remarkable carving. As he focuses on truly making the dragon a standout and artistic piece. Because, instead of carving anger and malice into the dragons eyes and posture he makes it more lighthearted. Focusing instead on his abstract design and making the dragon into a one continuous piece.

Because, rather than focus on the rest of the body the master carver chooses to focus on the dragon’s head. Carving every feature far more detailed than any other part of his body. Which results in this a representation being unlike any other. Then he expands on this detail by keeping the rest of the carving as simple as possible. Not only making the scales and claws very realistic in contrast to the face, but he also keeps the carving one color. This color difference forces the viewer to focus on the most prominent feature.

Therefore,  owning a prestigious mammoth carving like this that combines tradition with artistic interpretation is an obligation for any avid collector. Furthermore, because of the unique qualities and characteristics of the piece it’s also very rare.

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