This huge mammoth tusk has been craved in detail with each intricate curve clearly visible. The nude women resemble water nymphs and seem to enjoying the time at the beach with wet sand clinging on to some while a few of them are lying, basking in the sun. Each of them on the tusk is carved in different poses and is completely unclad, carved throughout the tusk, even at the ends, as if looking up from the skies. A beautiful dock in the background personifies that the beach look is apt. There are plants with the rich shade of brown due to the mammoth ivory absorbing the minerals from the permafrost. See the nude woman wallowing in the sand that seems to be wet and her bare torso can be seen clearly while another one is lying down with her flowing garments in the hands of other women. One woman is partially below her looking at her. The exquisiteness of the erotic mammoth sculpture is beyond perfection. Notice the vivid details on the tusk, even though tiny, each woman is crafted in detail. Set on a wooden base, the craftsmanship of the artist is visible. Please watch the HD video clip(Best results in HD full screen mode)

Item Size Including WoodStand






37(30 Cm Height of the piece only) 14.57(11.81 In Height of the piece only)


77 30.31


7 2.76




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Measurements :
Height: 37, Width:77 , Length: 7 CM