A pure, dynamic and alluring mammoth ivory carving. This is a show stopping vertical depiction of mice. That has been carved in such a way that makes it hard to look a way. Making this a true masterpiece.

A Flawless Vertical Mammoth Ivory Carving

Vertical carvings are rare. But, they are intriguing because instead of making a scene that’s flat and one dimensional, a carver decides to use height to portray the scene. It’s a unique and wonderful version of a carving. And showcases the master carvers versatility.

In this mammoth ivory carving in particular, the vertical scene draws attention to the mice. Instead of making them, spread out, he chooses to highlight their characteristics and features by carving them as they climb. This allows a viewer to see them from a new light. And new angles entirely. Which makes their bodies, faces and movements very detailed and lifelike. However, it also gives this scene class and elegance even though the mice are devouring the corn. But what makes this piece a must own is that it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that’s absolutely flawless.

In addition, the master carver in chooses to keep the design simplistic. Which is what makes this mammoth carving so timeless and extraordinary. By keeping it a pure white the mice and the scenery that surround them take center stage. But, even though this carving is of pure white the carver manages to capture every detail of the mice and their surroundings with great precision. Showing how adamant and driven the mice are in their hunt desire to devour the corn. Capturing your attention in the process.

This is the piece you’ve been looking for. Because it’s a piece of beauty, power and magnificent class.

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