This is a unique mammoth ivory tusk piece carving that displays frogs on lotus leaves. Look at the immensely active frogs jumping around the water that has a multitude of lotus pads and leaves, making it the perfect place for these amphibians.

Notice the detailing on the skin and face of the frogs. They seem to be frozen in time as if they were fossils. See the rough textured skin, detailing on the webbed feet and the tiny curls of the waves as they lap around the frogs and the floating lotus leaves. The eyes are perfectly carved and hand painted black, giving them a life like glint. Look at the frog on the top that seems to be taking a huge leap towards the frog crouching on the bottom. The details on the lotus leaves are amazing. Carved through the layers of solid mammoth ivory, the three dimensional effect is evident.  Notice the delicate folds, spread and the carvings on each leaf. The veins on each leaf are different and carved painstakingly, adding to the beauty and awe-inspiring creativity of the Master Carver.

Looking at it sideways it can be seen that the piece of tusk is splintered and the raw edges are clearly visible. This is giving the whole sculpture a natural and exquisite look as natural mammoth ivory has been buried within the cold tundra permafrost for centuries which has robbed the natural ivory of its original moisture. Thus, splinting and cracks are an authentication that it is genuine legal ivory. See the natural shine and luster of the ivory at the back, which has hues of natural minerals that were absorbed by organic ivory as it lay buried. The hewn ivory has been polished such that it is lustrous. It has been put on a strong and carefully etched and carved wooden stand. This has given the tusk sculpture a base and stability.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory tusk:

18.5Cm X 7 Cm* 3 Cm


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