Succulently crafted from pure mammoth ivory, this sculpture showcases two monkeys on a fruit tree. Look at the twisted trunk of the tree as the large fruits hang from the branches. Look at the way the monkey sits atop the tree. Look at the twisted texture of the tree trunk, the delicately etched fur on the monkey. Look at the calm and tranquil expression on the monkey sitting on the tree branch, with a large fruit in its hand. While the other monkey looks active as it is climbing the tree trunk. The activity has been beautifully captured by the Master Carver.

Carving through the layers of the solid mammoth ivory, lending the sculpture a three dimensional look. Notice the perfect carving even though each aspect of the sculpture is miniature and tiny. Notice the tiny paws of the monkeys as it climbs through the branches. See the large and ripe fruits hanging by stems. See the perfect shapes, the small details that only the skill of an experienced Master Carver can provide on such a piece of ivory. Look at the hanging fruits on the branches as it intertwines around the broad tree trunk. Look at the broad leaves, carved to perfection as even the veins are clearly visible. Working with genuine and legal mammoth ivory is an art that is excelled at by a few Master artists. It is a phenomenal piece of antique ivory carved to showcase the beauty of nature.

It is delicately balanced on a teak wood stand which has been exclusively carved to enhance the appeal and look of the pure mammoth ivory sculpture. Look at the dense grain, the polish and the appeal. It enhances the value and look of the legal mammoth ivory carving of monkeys.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory tusk:

18*6*2 Cm

Centimeters Inches
Height  18  7.08
Width  2  0.78
Length 6  2.36


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